Coffee Break

Hey friends, its been a while. It feels nice to be sitting in front of my computer again. The baby is napping, a warm cup of coffee steaming next to me and so much to share with you all.  Its was a much needed break from writing, especially since I was in a brain space that always led down a dark rabbit hole. That “dark hole” was something I should have paid more attention too. My fingers buzzed over the keys, desperately trying to tell me “you’re not okay”, but I simply hit the backspace button and wrote over my … Continue reading Coffee Break

A Post Card From Claymoore

Pardon the interruption, but ……WTAF!!! When you wake up in an all white cell, with a bed fixed in the middle of the room, camera overhead and vomit in your hair with no recollection of how you got there…Well, you know you fucked up somewhere. Monday mornings typically blow, but this one takes the cake. Ha! Fack the cake, this one takes the whole damn bakery and socked the Pillsbury dough boy right in the croissant. For those of you who may think I am being dramatic,  there is a 10 hour time window where I have absolutely no memory … Continue reading A Post Card From Claymoore

No Tea No Shade Tuesday *Contains foul language.

“A teething baby is so much fun”…no mother on the face of this earth has ever uttered those words. His top teeth are coming in which should make life a little more interesting. My adorable baby boy is being replaced by a blood thirsty, tiny sociopath with a hunger for human flesh. Have kids they said, it’ll be fun they said. Before having Z all I got from people about parenting was “your life will change forever”….no fucking shit. I love being a mom and I think I’m a pretty dope ass mom but there are days when I wish … Continue reading No Tea No Shade Tuesday *Contains foul language.

I believe an introduction is in order…

Hello there, I am Taffy. Is that my real name? Probably not but that’s besides the point. Currently I am sitting on my couch writing this debating on whether to censor my posts or just let my profanity flag fly. I think I’ll keep it tucked away for now. I am a mom (*gasp: how does she have the time to sit and write a blog post?) I pawned him off on grandpa that’s how! So yes, I am a momma and boy oh boy how things have changed since the birth of my son but there WILL be more … Continue reading I believe an introduction is in order…