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Cakes and pies and cakes and pies. I’d like to whine just a little and say that whoever invented calories and put so many of them in cake…you’re an asshole and you should be forced to watch a never ending loop of The office for the rest of eternity. That show is the equivalent to a bottle of wine and a fist full of Ambien. On second thought, that sounds like a good time. I’m conflicted. Food! Yes I love me some food. I am currently cutting out a lot right now when it comes to sugar, anything heavily processed and dairy, not because I don’t like dairy, but because dairy doesn’t like me. In the dairy world I am the equivalent to a stalker ex-girlfriend who keeps trying to force herself upon the entire cheese family, but it always ends the same. Crying, in the bathroom with Toto’s Africa blaring from my portable speaker praying peristalsis will eventually push out all the rejection, sadness and regret. So to prevent from adding to my little hemorrhoid family I no longer eat the goodness that is cheddar, mozzarella, provolone, ice cream, gelato…so on and so forth. I am not a healthy eater by nature. I am a meat and potatoes girl, but that’s not going to aide in my quest for a better attitude and nicer ankles. The struggle is so real. So I’m on a mission to find healthy food that actually tastes like food. I am weary, but confident that such things exist. I hope you will join me as I try to find a doughnut that will be as delicious as it is healthy. Until then.

Much love and gratitude!